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Oppressed Majority

This Powerful Video Shows Men What It Feels Like To Be Subjected To Sexism And Sexual Violence

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I have chills after reading this post. I literally feel like im going to throw up.. I will always reboot this.

I present to you… women who are ACTUALLY oppressed.

This is who really needs feminism.


I’ll reblog this every time I see it because oppression is NOT being too fat for Forever 21, oppression is NOT benedict cumberbatch as khan, oppression is NOT someone on a website saying something you disagree with.

literally can’t so terrible



yao ming recently launched a public awareness campaign in china targeting the nation’s consumption of ivory and rhino horn, after having spent twelve days last august in kenya and south africa.

poaching kills more than 25,000 african elephants annually, while 668 rhinos were killed last year in south africa alone, meaning that if current trends are not abated, both species will be extinct within our lifetime.

according to shark fin traders and hong kong import statistics, yao’s previous campaign against the shark fin trade is credited with a 50-70% reduction in chinese consumption last year.

"no one who sees the results firsthand, as i did, would buy ivory or rhino horn," yao stated. “i believe when people in china know what’s happening they will do the right thing and say no to these products."

he continued, “we would be outraged if people were killing our pandas. we should be just as upset with what’s happening to rhinos and elephants in africa.”

photos (including a baby elephant orphaned by poachers) by kristian schmidt in kenya for WildAid. from yao ming’s blog.

#more elephant poaching photosets


over the last two decades, africa has lost 30% of its lions, and today fewer than 35,000 remain. of those, many are kept in zoos - such as the one seen here in harar, ethiopia - where they suffer physically and mentally from the lack of freedom that captivity imposes. 

the born free foundation believes that such confinement and exploitation should be a thing of the past, and works to rescue displaced wild animals, like dolo (pictured above), from their lives of misery in zoos and circuses. 

found as a cub in the wild by ethopian soldiers, dolo spent the first four years of his life in a cage, tethered by a one meter length chain. the born free foundation rescued dolo, who now lives in their sanctuary in ensessakotteh, near addis ababa, where, as can be seen in the final photo (in stark contrast to the first), he is now thriving.

photos by george logan







. Please sign the petition to close this disgusting zoo.

Please sign the petition. Please. Reblogging this because no creature - human or animal - deserves to live like this. NO ONE.

Sign this you guys!

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You’re all beautiful, so this day Is for you!!


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Eat clean, train dirty.


Eat clean, train dirty.